It is always easier to write when you are writing on something you feel strongly about. The people I work with are the best and I want to share some reflections on them with all of you.

Linda and I go back to junior high school, so I’ve known her for 50+ years now. We literally grew up together. I started dating her younger sister while we were in high school. Later, Linda was maid of honor at our wedding and mostly cried through the wedding because I was taking her little sister away. Linda married Chuck a few months later and the four of us had plenty of adventures camping, jeeping and rafting. It was 1992 when I persuaded Linda to give up on her banking career in Gunnison, CO, and to come down and join me in building a financial planning practice. Looking back, it was a bold move on both of our parts, but it’s worked out well. Linda always seems to see the bright side of things and can bring joy and life to any situation. That has helped us get through some of the wild rides we have experienced in the financial markets. She is exactly who she presents herself to be and that is why clients and staff love her. It’s why I have thoroughly enjoyed having her as a business partner, sister in law and best friend.

Truth be known, I’ve known Dan and Jeff since they were boys. Little boys. I shared office space with their dad for almost 16 years while they were growing up. I can remember Jeff coming in to do filing for his dad when he was in his early teens. They went off to college and on to careers. Jeff to a big eight accounting firm and Dan as an engineer. But the Grand Junction lifestyle called them back and they moved into the financial planning business with their father, eventually taking over his business. It just felt sort of natural to merge our two practices. We gained two young men of high moral and ethical standards who have brought a lot of energy to the firm, and to me personally. Legacy Wealth is in good hands for a long time to come.

Like the rest, so far, I knew Peggy well before she came to work for us. Her oldest daughter, Angela, and my son were classmates in elementary school and we all went to the same church. Even way back then, I admired Peggy for her strong faith and positive attitude. She never complains. She anchors all of us here because we know we can count on her not only for things at work but literally anything.

Then there’s Sondra. She keeps threatening to move to Alaska. Not only would we lose that cheerful face you see when you come in and that happy voice on the phone when you call, but we would lose our technology guru, chief compliance officer, scheduler, bookkeeper, problem solver and dishwasher! And I’m sure that list isn’t complete. To protect our investment, we have placed an ankle monitor on her in case she makes a break for Alaska, so we can track her down and bring her home.

I always head into a new year excited and 2018 is no different. These people are five reasons why.


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