Our Financial Planning Team

Legacy Wealth Management’s roots go back to 1986 when Mike Berry opened the door to his financial planning practice in Grand Junction, CO. It was founded on Mike’s Christian beliefs, Biblical principles regarding money and that sound financial planning and management is based on trust between advisor and client and always placing the client’s interests first. Those founding beliefs still help steer the practice today.

As the firm grew, Mike saw the need build a financial planning team and talked Linda Eden-Wallace into moving out of the icebox in Gunnison to join the firm in Grand Junction, Colorado. That was 1993 and the partnership has flourished in serving western Colorado ever since.

In 2015, the financial planning team grew another two members who were added through a merger with another local firm. Jeff Funderburk, CFP® and brother Dan Funderburk, CFP®, CKA® are now a part of our financial planning team.

The firm now has a financial planning team consisting of 3 Financial Planners supported by experienced staff and having weathered over 30 years of market ups and downs, political upheaval and geopolitical unrest, we continue to provide wealth management services designed to help meet the needs of our clients for today and tomorrow.

Our financial planning team provides services to families and individuals across the United States and helps them understand the where their money goes to develop immediate, medium, and long-term plans. A great financial plan is guided by your financial goals, whether that’s long-term investments or financial plans after retirement. Our financial plans help create a roadmap for your finances to help achieve those goals and allows you to understand the journey of your assets to help ensure you know where your finances are going. To contact our financial planning team please give us a call or fill out our contact form here.

Financial Planning Team in Grand Junction CO