I have been asked a lot of times over my career what the best investment is. Without hesitation, I have to say that the best investment anyone can make is in their own education! A George Washington University study published in December of 2016 found the following:

Average Level of Education                    Average Lifetime Earnings                       Earnings/yr (40 yr)

No High School diploma                         $973,000                                                  $24,325

High School Diploma                              $1,304,000                                               $32,600

Bachelor’s Degree                                  $2,268,000                                               $56,700

Professional Degree                               $3,252,000                                               $81,300

If that’s not compelling enough, think about this. The average annual salary of someone with no high school diploma is below the 2018 poverty level for a family of four, which is $25,100 (https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines).

But our learning cannot stop when we finish our degree. Anymore, with the rapid pace of change in technology, we need to be lifetime learners. We need to continue to invest in ourselves by improving our skills; keeping pace with technology and maybe even acquiring skills for an entirely new career. I know a person who is now in his mid-50’s, with a bachelor’s degree who has held mostly mid-level management positions in financial institutions. He hasn’t done any ongoing continuing education and suddenly finds himself unemployed and no real marketable skills.

The cost of higher education is significant, but the cost of no education is even more significant when measured over one’s lifetime.



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