I’m glad image isn’t everything because the image of financial advisors in the minds of the public isn’t that great. What does the name Bernie Madoff conjure up in your mind? His ponzi scheme stole billions of dollars and left many of his investors penniless. But it isn’t just the big fish like Bernie. Everyday I read about advisors ripping off their client’s money all over the country. Even here in Grand Junction it happens. It wasn’t too many years ago that a firm called Valley Investments was running a real estate scam1 and defrauding people out of their hard-earned savings.

Then you add to that the number of advisors out there who are placing people in investments simply so they earn a commission, and doing so without regards as to whether that investment is good for the client or not. I would like to think that in 33 years, I have seen it all, but I’m sure I haven’t.

But I’d like to tell you a bit of a different story about financial advisors and a wonderful organization that supports them. Invest In Others2 is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and empowering financial advisors who invest in others by giving back to their communities with overwhelming generosity. This organization is supported solely by donations from financial service firms and individual advisors. In 2018, Invest in Others awarded over $300,000 to 15 financial advisor’s charities in honor of their commitment and service to those charities.

I have been associated with this organization since 2010 when I and Kids Aid were recipients of one of their awards that year. This has opened my eyes to all the good that so many advisors are doing in the nonprofit area in their communities and around the world. It literally covers almost anything you could think of in serving and helping people. Clean water projects in third world countries; helping handicapped children; counseling for veterans with PTSD; rebuilding after natural disasters; raising money to fight cancer and other diseases; emergency food relief; and on and on and on.

In talking with advisors involved in all this, the theme is always the same. I want to give back and help others live a better life. These are not the selfish creeps that get all the press coverage when they successfully separate people from their money. These are the selfless heroes who give their own time, talents and money to lift others up.

So, while all the bad guys in the industry get all the press, I’m thankful for the 99% in the industry who care about their clients and communities and those less fortunate.





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