This might seem like a strange topic for a financial website blog, but often clients will ask me what I do in my spare time. I have many interests and a few passions, one of which is animals. I must confess this passion has carried over to the bug world causing me to instigate a “catch and release” rule for bugs found in our office. I have found this to be a great source of exasperation for my two legged office buddies!

In January I found a way to put my love of animals to good use by becoming a board member of the Roice-Hurst Humane Society. For those not familiar with this organization, they are the only private, non-profit no-kill animal shelter and adoption center caring for homeless dogs and cats in Mesa County. I have supported and admired the work they do since I moved here but since joining the board my eyes have been opened to the huge job they perform.

Their mission is to provide safety, shelter and care for homeless dogs and cats in Mesa County and they are dedicated to placing them in loving, permanent homes. Last year they took in 1,119 animals and adopted out 1,048 of them. On average they care for about 49 dogs and 40 cats on any given day. Their cost is about $15 per day per animal. Many of them have been abused or abandoned and need additional medical care and training in order to become adoptable. They do not euthanize any animal for lack of space or resources. Their commitment is that any animal arriving at the shelter that is healthy or treatable and capable of being adopted will be cared for until they find it a “forever home,” no matter how long it takes. The shelter staff work long hours with their days starting at 7:00 each morning, walking dogs and cleaning cages. The animals need to be cared for 7 days a week. The shelter staff is passionate about what they do and their jobs are emotionally difficult.

As you might imagine their needs are great. Having been founded in 1963, this year they celebrate their 50th anniversary saving one life at a time! If you are interested in ways to help, just visit their website at There are so many ways to help out. I thank you… but mostly the dogs and cats thank you!


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